Sun, 02 Mar 2003


More to beauty than meets the eye

Public ignorance of the blind has limited their rights to work in various fields. Very few people understand that despite their disability, blind people are just as smart and skilled as any normal human being.

Jakarta Archdiocese' Lembaga Daya Dharma (LDD) Foundation has established an institution called Biro Tunanetra Laetitia, which helps the blind to live and interact with society.

Founded in 1992, Biro's activities weigh on empowering, rehabilitation (mental, social, medical etc.), charity and boosting confidence so the blind are ready to interact with others.

Biro has attracted many members, not just Catholic, and hand in hand, they follow all the activities together, except for religious activities.

Many volunteers have also joined Biro, contributing their time, energy and money to help the blind increase their independence and welfare.