Mon, 24 Apr 2000

Journalists seek legal settlement

DENPASAR, Bali: A journalists association here on Sunday supported one of its members' attempt to seek a legal settlement over harassment by an official while on duty.

In his statement, chairman of the Denpasar-based Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Djesna Winada expressed his regret over a report that a journalist of Bali Aga tabloid, Ketut Rudia, was hit in the chest by head of administrative affairs at the local National Land Agency (BPN) Sudiatmika on Thursday. Ketut was seeking to meet the head of the agency, Sudiartama.

Ketut reported the harassment to the police.

"He (Sudiatmika) said it was an friendly jab, but it was very hard and hurt my chest. His face also showed that he was angry with me," Ketut said.

The journalist said he believed that Sudiatmika punched him because of his report on the requisition of state-owned land in Pecatu by some local government officials, which was approved by BPN officials here.

Following the report, the BPN officials, including Sudiatama, were questioned by the police. (08)