Tue, 01 Aug 2000

Jihad group raids discotheque

PURWOKERTO, Central Java: Around 150 people claiming to represent the Toriqotul Jihad Front (FTJ) Muslim group raided a discotheque on Sunday, seizing 52 bottles of alcohol and bringing them to the police.

Members of the front's Kebumen and Banyumas chapters forced their way into the discotheque located in a three-star hotel and damaged glass cabinets and several bottles of spirits.

Two of the hotel's employees were assaulted during the attack.

The mob voluntarily dispersed after police led by Banyumas Police station chief Supt. Imam Basuki arrived at the scene. The protesters demanded the police stop the sale of liquor and prostitutes at the discotheque.

Imam told The Jakarta Post on Sunday that he deplored the incident, saying that the bar at the discotheque complied with the law.

"The group did not have the authority to raid and occupy the place," he added.

The front's leaders will meet other Muslim leaders on Tuesday to discuss the incident.(45/bby)