Wed, 10 Aug 1994

Jasa Marga: Thank you

From Neraca

A couple of grannies completed their grueling trip at the end of the Semarang toll road in a 1969 Fiat sedan recently. They were exasperated as they finished the 70-kilometer drive from Boyolali in the old car with a leaky radiator. The car forced them to stop 10 times to fill a total of 20 big bottles of Aqua water.

The Jasa Marga Patrol officers in Semarang who spotted them at 10 p.m. last Tuesday lent a hand and found out the source of the problem: A connection valve of the radiator had broken. They brought the radiator down and repaired the damage.

Approaching midnight, officers Daryono and Wahyudi let the grannies continue their journey and bade them farewell.

Imagine if the grannies had to scale the steep road leading into Batang with a leaky radiator. Perhaps the two grannies would have been forced to sleep in the forest somewhere near Roban.

Thanks a lot my sons!