Mon, 17 Jan 2000

Japanese robbed in Lapangan Banteng

JAKARTA (JP): Two armed robberies took place in Central Jakarta and Tangerang early on Saturday, a police report said.

No fatalities were reported although both gangs were armed with sharp weapons.

According to the report, the victim in the Central Jakarta case was a 60-year-old Japanese, identified as Dojin Mukada.

It said that Mukada, with a man called Mardiansyah, was driving in a car on Jl. Lapangan Banteng Utara at around 1 a.m. on Saturday when they were suddenly approached a gang of three men armed with knives.

The area has been widely known as a popular night time hangout for gigolos and gays.

To the local police, Mardiansyah said one of the crooks, later identified as M. Roni, pointed his knife towards the Japanese and asked him to hand over his wristwatch and shoes, all worth around Rp 3 million.

The hold-up, however, was spotted by a patrolling police officer, who then rushed to the scene and managed to handcuff all three street bandits.

In Tangerang, a group of six men armed with sharp weapons broke into a house in Tanah Tinggi area.

The only person in the house, Nendah, 37, being threatened with the weapons, let the robbers to take away a television set and a radio cassette player.

Local police detectives are still probing the robbery that cost Nendah a loss of Rp 1.5 million. (06)