Sat, 03 Apr 2004

Jambi teachers to get trip to Thailand

JAMBI: More than 100 subdistrict heads in Bungo regency, Jambi province, are scheduled to go to Thailand for a comparative study.

Zardianto, the head of the administrative section at the Jambi Immigration Office, said the planned trip was made public after more than 100 subdistrict heads descended on the office to apply for passports.

"All of them said they were going to Thailand for a comparative study," he said on Friday.

The subdistrict heads began arriving at the immigration office four days ago. Zardianto said their passports would be completed soon.

Zardianto refused to speculate on whether the trip was being paid for by a certain political party, with the subdistrict heads in return being required to mobilize the people in their subdistricts to vote for the party in the April 5 general election. -- Antara