Fri, 19 Aug 1994

Jakarta's PPP chapter gives its support to Ismail Hasan

JAKARTA (JP): The Jakarta chapter of the United Development Party (PPP) yesterday announced its support for the candidacy of the party's incumbent chairman Ismail Hasan Metareum, for the upcoming election that will take place in Jakarta this month.

Chairman of the chapter, H.M Djufrie Asmoredjo, said Jakarta and its five branches had agreed to throw their support behind Ismail Hasan's reelection at a PPP congress.

"We have a solid goal with the other regions to make the congress a success and to support Ismail Hasan," he told participants of a one-day meeting of party chapter executives to discuss strategy for the upcoming congress.

Djufrie said that the chapter, along with the five branches, had officially submitted their support to Ismail Hasan.

PPP is a fusion of four former Islamic parties -- Nahdlatul Ulama, Muslimin Indonesia (MI), Sarekat Islam (SI) and Perti. It is scheduled to hold its congress beginning Aug. 28

Many believe that Ismail Hasan, who enjoys the government's favor, will retain his post with secretary general Matori Abdul Djalil being the closest contender.

The Jakarta chapter yesterday announced its intention to win one of the seven seats in the electoral board, which has the task of selecting the party's new central executive board, including the chairman.

Ismail Hasan, in his keynote address to the meeting participants yesterday, said that no party could become bigger and more solid if its members were always involved in conflicts.

He said some people described the party as having a long "cooling period" which lead to slow progress, while there were others who believed that such a situation was needed to avoid internal conflicts.

"We have to know that doing politics requires a strategy. Just like a long march needs calculation, spirit, endurance and ability to predict challenges along the way." he said.

"In politics we need time to cool down in order to ensure greater endurance," he said. He added that PPP was ready to accelerate its pace after the congress.

Chairman of the workshop, M. Rodja told The Jakarta Post that Jakarta's intention to sit on the electoral board merely to fulfill its desire which could not materialize in the previous congresses.

By sitting in the board, its chances to promote Ismail Hasan as the leader would be greater, he said.

He said Ismail Hasan was considered to be the right man to continue the leadership of the party, given his experience in the past five years. "He is successful keeping the party away from conflicts."

Meanwhile, Jakarta Military Chief Maj. Gen. Hendropriyono told PPP members to avoid being drawn into serious conflicts during the congress, saying that such situation could be used by a third party to worsen the condition.

He said the military would not hesitate to "intervene" if chaos developed. (par)