Sat, 01 Oct 1994

Jakartans warned against communism

Governor Surjadi Soedirdja has warned municipal employees to remain vigilant against the threat posed by communism which could impair the unity of the nation.

"We should remain alert against the threat of communism," Surjadi said during his weekly visit to Warakas and Sunter Jaya subdistricts in North Jakarta yesterday.

He said what the country needs in fighting communists, outlawed by the government in 1966 following an attempted coup the year before, is unity and an understanding that communism remains a latent danger to the nation.

In order to increase people's awareness and prevent the possibility of the revival of communism, the governor asked all heads of subdistricts to increase communication with their residents and to be more responsive to people's demands and aspirations.

"Heads of subdistricts should spend more time in the field to quickly identify problems in their surroundings and then solve them as soon as possible," Soedirdja said.

Indonesia today commemorates the victory of the New Order under President Soeharto over the coup attempt masterminded by the now defunct Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in 1965.

Governor Surjadi also said that illegal houses along river banks should be immediately demolished and vendors who sell their goods on sidewalks be banned.

"The municipality does not prohibit people to trade, but asks that it be done at proper locations," the governor said.(yns)