Sun, 28 Mar 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Dozens of small scale traders and street pedllers have protested on Friday (26/3) court acquittal of trade monopoly indictment against french retailer Carrefour in a rally in the capital.

Traditional Traders supported by students staged a rally outside carrefour's main store in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta unfurling banners printed with “Carrefour is a vampire to traditional traders”.

A spokesman for the protesters Gatot Ahmad said “Carrefour's extensive presence in Jakarta is against the zoning regulation, cutting down daily sales of traditional traders by 40 percent.”

The South Jakarta District Court reversed last month a monopoly ruling from the Business Competition Supervisory Board on Carrefour issued late last year.

The decision cancelled Rp25 million fine on the retailer and order to release its stake in a smaller retailer Alfa Retailindo

The protest had prevented some buyers from shopping on Friday noon.

Carrefour runs 26 outlets in the 661 square kilometer capital and a further 20 outlets in the rest of Java Island. The monopoly probing began after the french retailer bought 75 persent of Alfa's stake from Sigmantara Alfindo and Prime Horizon in 2008.