Mon, 26 Jun 2000

Jakarta still trying to catch up with E. Java

By Ivy Susanti

SURABAYA (JP): Jakarta was trailing by a wide margin in the 15th National Games (PON) medal tally on Sunday, still trying to catch up with host East Java at the 15th National Games (PON).

East Java is leading with 80 golds, 58 silvers and 53 bronzes while Jakarta is in second place with 53 golds, 44 silvers and 57 bronzes. West Java is third with 42 golds, 46 silvers and 49 bronzes.

However, the Jakarta contingent has accused East Java of discrimination in the distribution of results.

In its daily bulletin on Sunday, the Jakarta contingent said that PON's information center unfairly focused on East Java athletes and on sports that the province excels in.

Early on Sunday, East Nusa Tenggara-born veteran marathoner Eduardus Nabunome contributed a gold for Jakarta in the men's marathon final. He clocked two hours 25:14.21. Eduardus' junior, Antonius Fallo of East Nusa Tenggara, finished second in 2:25:17.28 while Oseas Kamlase of East Kalimantan was third with 2:25:34.34.

In the women's event, Central Java marathoner Ruwiyati won the gold, clocking 2:50:50.00. Her teammate Erni Ulatningsih (2:55:54.00) came second. The bronze went to Very Subnafeu of East Nusa Tenggara (3:02:09.00).

No records

There were no records broken in the pool, with swimmers who attended the 2000 Olympic Games training program still dominating the medal table.

Veteran swimmer Richard Sam Bera appeared undefeatable on Sunday in his favorite 50m freestyle event. He clocked a winning time of 23.48. Teammate Wisnu Wardhana took silver in 24.64 while Jaka Pramono of West Java was third in 24.93.

Steven Chandra won gold for East Java in the 1,500m freestyle event in 16:36.46. Albert C. Sutanto of Jakarta was second with 16:40.62 and James P. Sutandyo of East Java finished third with 16:41.42.

M. Akbar Nasution contributed another gold for Jakarta in the men's 200m breaststroke, clocking 2:22:61. Audi Oktavian of Central Java took the silver with 2:25.86 and his teammate Denny Kurniawan won bronze with 2:28.27.

Elsa Manora Nasution of Jambi failed to shine in the women's 200m freestyle event. She finished third in 2:10:30. The gold went to Meitri Widya Pangestika of Central Java, who clocked 2:07.89 followed by Siripiya Sutanto of Jakarta with 2:08.18.

Richard, Wisnu, Steven and Elsa are being groomed for the Olympic Games.

Separately, Pasar Turi train station head Prayitno confirmed that the father of Jakarta gymnast Jonathan M. Sianturi was found dead in Randublatung, Blora, on Saturday night.

Prayitno said that the family had reported Oloan missing to the police. On Saturday morning, an official at Blora station informed him that a body, later identified as Oloan's, had been found with severe injuries in Randublatung.

Oloan's body has undergone a postmortem examination and is scheduled to be buried on Monday at 11 a.m at Kebon Sayur public cemetery in Central Jakarta. Jonathan returned to Jakarta on Saturday.

Medal tally (as of 9:30 p.m.)

Provinces                              G        S        B

East Java 82 61 54 Jakarta 56 44 57 West Java 42 47 51 Central Java 28 28 40 Lampung 18 18 22 Jambi 11 6 10 North Sumatra 7 6 11 South Kalimantan 7 4 6 South Sulawesi 6 11 11 Yogyakarta 6 9 15 North Sulawesi 6 6 10 East Kalimantan 6 5 11 Bali 5 4 5 Papua 5 3 7 South Sumatra 4 11 11 West Kalimantan 4 7 6 Southeast Sulawesi 4 1 3 Riau 3 8 6 Maluku 1 3 3 Central Kalimantan - 7 8 West Sumatra - 2 4 Bengkulu - 2 3 East Nusa Tenggara - 1 4 Aceh - - 7 Central Sulawesi - - 2 West Nusa Tenggara - - 1