Fri, 22 Sep 2000

Jakarta PDI-P to elect new chairman

JAKARTA (JP): The Jakarta chapter of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) is due to elect a new chairman on Friday to replace outgoing Roy B.B. Janis who has assumed a post on the central executive board.

The election will be held during a one day congress.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, the chairman of the steering committee of the congress Binsar Tambunan said a political statement will be issued during the meeting.

"PDI Perjuangan chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri will open the congress and has stated that she will attend for the whole day because the capital is the barometer for the whole country," Binsar said.

Four commissions will be set up to discuss various issues.

The programs commission is due to discuss the party's future programs, the political commission will evaluate the governmental process, the organizational commission will discuss the election mechanism and registration of all candidates, and the report commission will evaluate the accountability report of the outgoing chairperson.

"We are also going to discuss education programs for our cadres and the restructuring of the organization as part of our effort to become a more modern party," Binsar added.

PDI Perjuangan faction chairman at the City Council, Audi I.Z. Tambunan, said there are seven candidates, including himself, bidding for the position of branch chief.

The other candidates are Laksamana Sukardi, Haryanto Taslam, Tarmidi Edy Suwarno, Jacob Nuwa Wea, Soekardjo, and Maringan Pangaribuan.

"Each of the five branches from the capital will send five representatives to join the election on Friday," Audi added.

He also revealed that the party rejected Alex Asma Soebrata's candidacy because the current directive from the central board prohibits anyone who was directly or indirectly involved in the 1996 PDI congress in Medan, North Sumatra from being nominated.

"I thank Alex for officially withdrawing his candidacy today. I stress that this is not because we are trying to foil his bid, but that this is just the party's way of disciplining members who once made a mistake," Audi said.

The 1996 congress was used by former president Soeharto's administration to replace Megawati as PDI chairperson.

Audi did not disclose Alex's exact role in the Medan congress.(dja)