Wed, 14 Jun 2000

Jakarta athletes told retain overall title

JAKARTA (JP): Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso said on Tuesday he expected his contingent members to contribute their best in the upcoming 15th National Games (PON) in Surabaya, in terms of fair play, sportsmanship and principles of gallantry.

"Jakarta has won the games' overall championship for eight consecutive times. We expect you to retain the overall champion title this year," he told the contingent at the City Hall before sending them away.

"You have to win with fair play, sportsmanship and principles of gallantry, as your victory will mean honor," he added.

Being the host for 30 years helped Jakarta to claim the overall title eight times in a row. But even with the hosting held by Surabaya, Jakarta is still aiming to retain the overall champion title in PON and is eying 135 gold medals out of 544 at stake from 35 sporting events, four of which are only exhibitions.

Chairman of the Jakarta chapter of the National Sports Council (KONI) Abdul Kahfi said Jakarta's contingent had 962 members.

"There are 539 athletes and 150 coaches and officials, 198 leaders including city councillors of the Commission E on Social Welfare Affairs and 75 managers," he said in a written report.

Most senior city officials are managers or foster parents for certain sports. South Jakarta mayor Abdul Mufti is responsible for kempo and West Jakarta mayor Sarimun Hadisaputra is responsible for tae kwon do. Head of City Traffic and Land Transport Agency Buyung Atang is taking care of wushu.

The contingent left on Tuesday evening at 20:15 p.m. using the Argo Bromo train from nearby Gambir train station heading for Pasar Turi station, Surabaya.

"They are to be dispersed to seven cities in East Java: Surabaya, Malang, Gresik, Sidoardjo, Situbondo, Kediri and Jember," said Kahfi, who is also deputy governor for administrative affairs. (nvn)