Sat, 18 Mar 2000

Jail term sought for drug owners

TANGERANG (JP): The Tangerang District Court initiated on Friday the trial of defendants Saiful Bahri, 32, Pujianto, 22, Ari Sigit, 25, and Roni, 22, for their alleged possession of 86.5 kilograms of marijuana.

The four defendants face charges of violating Article 81 of the 1997 Narcotics Law, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in jail and a maximum fine of Rp 750 million (US$103,000), said prosecutor Adam.

During the initial hearing, presided over by Judge Silvester Djuma, several police officers said they arrested Pujianto and Saiful Bahri and confiscated the marijuana after they raided Pujianto's house in Wisma Harapan Karawaci on March 19 last year, Adam said.

During the police investigation, Pujianto disclosed the whereabouts of another two suspects, Ari Sigit and Roni, to the officers. Based on Pujianto's information, the police arrested the two on Nov. 20 last year.

He said the four possessed different amounts of marijuana when they were arrested: Pujianto allegedly had 20 kgs, Saiful Bahri, 50 kgs, Ari Sigit, six kgs and Roni, 10.5 kgs.

Earlier on Tuesday, the district court sentenced Munawar, 32, to 14 years in jail for possessing 111.5 kgs of marijuana.

Judge Silvester adjourned the hearing until next week to hear testimonies from witnesses. (41/asa)