Mon, 12 Jun 2000

'Isang Puso, Isang Diwa, Isang Bansang Malaya'

On 12 June, 1898, our forefathers proclaimed to the world the independence of the Philippines. They had fought with conviction, with determination, and with valor. And they won for us a country free and independent, as well as a priceless legacy of unity, of bravery, and of courage.

The labors and sacrifices of our heroes remain engraved in our hearts, inspiring us to cherish and safeguard our legacy of freedom, our liberty, our independence.

With the advent of the new millennium, we must firmly keep whole the fabric of Philippine society. No matter how distant we find ourselves from our homeland, no matter what side we take on an issue, we must never forget that we all share a stake in our country's continuing progress.

On this 102nd anniversary of our independence, as we remember with pride our people's heroism in 1898, so also must we give honor to our patriots of today. As we recall the heartwarming evolution of our nationhood, we must allow nothing to weaken our unity. Neither must we allow distance to blur the accomplishments of our countrymen overseas. Striving to raise the quality of life of their families, they are winning praise worldwide for their industry, their competence, their attachment to Filipino values.

The task of safeguarding and fortifying our independence requires a steadfast commitment to national unity and development. We can all prove ourselves equal to this task.

Mabuhay ang puso at diwang malayang Filipino!