Tue, 21 Sep 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Most investments in Indonesia are in transportation, service, food and beverages, machine industry and chemical industries.

The Investment Coordinating Board records an investment of Rp6.164 trillion in the second quarter.

This is the highest compared to other sectors.

This tendency, said the Deputy Chairman of The Investment Coordinating Board, Yus’an not only happened for domestic investment.

Foreign investment tends to focus on these four sectors.

The trigger is a different market potential in these four sectors, even though the tendency is different in every region.

The secretary general of Indonesia Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs, Franky Sibarani, said that the food and beverages industry is still a big draw for investment.

The interest is incited by the improvement of the macroeconomic condition.

The food and beverages industry growth is also high from time to time.

The turnover growth can reach 8-10 percent.

Drinks like fruit juices and mineral water are the highest in the industry.

The average growth could reach two digits, especially in the dry season.

Right now, the industry keeps on increasing the volume and variation of packaged drinks.

Meanwhile for food, snacks have the highest production growth.

The Head of Research and Industry Development at the Industry Department, Dedi Mulyadi, predicts that the food and drinks growth industry will increase in the third quarter.

The growth is pushed by high demand prior to Lebaran, besides a good investment target in the sector.