Wed, 15 Jun 2011

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government, business players, and investors should optimally utilize the wide investment opportunities in Indonesia, director of Quvat Management in Singapore Thomas T. Lembong said here on Sunday.

On the sidelines of World Economic Forum on East Asia (WEF-EA), Lembong said China and India have at present a great interest in investment in Asia, including Indonesia, and this trend should be used as best as possible.

"Asia is on the rise. Indonesia at present is a `darling` investor. The investors are aware that Indonesia has a very big potential," Lembong said.

He said as coal, palm oil and consumer goods are now lucrative commodities in Indonesia they need to be offered to investors.

But Lembong cautioned Indonesia not always has the attention of investors.

"Therefore we have to be realistic because the market and investors always have the trend. How much investment can be sustained, will depend on how we utilize it optimally," said the recipient of World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

He said that in terms of investment supporting facilities and infrastructure, Indonesia was not inferior to those of other developing countries as China and India, but compared with the developed countries, Indonesia was still lagging far behind.

"As learned from international investors, China and India are not the countries without problems because in the developing countries there facing many obstacles and difficulties, but Indonesia actually has many good facilities," he said.

For that, Lembong said all parties including the government, business players, and investors need to be more patient because the important thing was not quantity but quality of investment.

"Ideally, all parties should be patient, and not be in a hurry so that the funds do not go to unnecessary projects," he said, adding that the key to investment success in Indonesia was cooperation of all parties namely of the government, business players, and investors.

According to Lembong, Indonesia has very big investment opportunities as a developing country.