Tue, 04 May 2010

Dumai (ANTARA News)- Up to the end of last year investment in Dumai city, Riau, reached Rp 14 trillion, including Rp 4.49 trillion domestic investment, and Rp 9.695 trillion foreign investment.

The favorable development had a positive effect on per capita income both in terms of prevailing and fixed prices of nonoil/gas commodities in the same year increasing respectively from Rp9.5 million to Rp17.19 million and from Rp5.71 million to Rp6.74 million.

"Likewise, economic growth rate in the same period had been fluctuating by 7.4 percent up to 9.34 percent, during which the economic growth would have an impact on the economic growth of the population," Dumai Mayor Zulkifli AS said Monday.

Wako said 83.84 percent of the economy of Dumai city is still dominated by four sectors, namely building construction 17.37 percent, trade 28.69 percent, transportation 21.44 percent, and services 16.34 percent.

In Dumai city, community services form the essence of urban and industrial services. The Dumai city administration, in this case the integrated services office constantly provides services to the people especially businesspeople.

"Removal of bureaucratic constraints and delegation of authority are preconditions in giving the best of services to the people," he said. (*)