Wed, 30 Apr 2003

Inul: A threat to civilization?

I do not consider myself a fan of either dangdut songs or dance. I was watching an infotainment program on TV, in which Rhoma Irama and Camelia Malik were the guests, criticizing Inul, the dangdut dancer and her colleagues, who perform similar, "sensual goyang dangdut".

With all due respect, I know there are many TV programs that offer similar displays of sensuality -- by dancers on stage, movies, talk shows, info programs, etc -- as well as reading material, such as magazines, even newspapers. To those, did you, Rhoma and Camelia, react in the same manner? Please don't use religion as a basis for assessing artistic performance.

If I'm not mistaken, both Rhoma and Camelia once said, "in the old days, it was difficult for TV stations to accept dangdut ...." If TV did not accept dangdut, it's not the goyang (body movement) that is to blame, and today goyang dangdut is welcome on any TV station. In fact, it has become an everyday attraction on TV.

Has anybody done research that leads to the conclusion that sexual abuse or rape reported to the police is attributable to goyang dangdut? Or rather, is it due to films with a sexual and pornographic content?

I feel Inul and her colleagues have been treated unfairly, just as in the TV commercial, kok jeruk minum jeruk? (how come a professional is criticizing a fellow professional?)