Tue, 04 Jan 2011

Samarinda, E Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The Maloy International Port project in East Kutai district needs to be canceled in view of the many reefs which have to be removed, a member of the local Legislative Council (DPRD), Syaifuddin said.

"The project lacks finances and is not so important for the public. So many reefs have to be removed which is quite costly, and if it is still carried out it would burden local finances," a member of commission III of the East Kalimantan Legislative Council (DPRD) said here Monday.

He added that based on the information, it would cost trillions of rupiahs to destroy and remove the reefs not to mention the possibility of protests from national and international NGOs.

According to him, after visiting the location the local government also had an impression that the Maloy port project needs reconsideration.

Another provincial legislator, Andi Harun, said the council would ask for technical data including the master plan of the Maloy port project.

Andi confirmed that minimizing the Provincial Budget (APBD) of East Kalimantan would be a better solution, and may invite third parties to share the project funding.

"If it is only funded by the private company, I think it`s alright since there`s an investor for that, but on the contrary, if it keeps relying on the Provincial Budget it would harm interest of the region," he said.