Sat, 26 Apr 2003

INKINDO to assist Papua consultancies

JAYAPURA, Papua: Some 3,000 consulting firms might flood the resource-rich provinces in Papua to capitalize on their economic potential, said the Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO) on Friday.

"Papua will become an easy target in view of the province's underdeveloped business, and given its huge potential," said the chairman of INKINDO, Fredy Harman.

However, he said that local consultant firms might be threatened by the influx of new consulting firms.

He said that Papua had about 100 local consulting firms, most of which were small, limited in their capacity to expand, and could only handle small projects.

INKINDO plans to join small- and medium-scale consulting firms to help them win larger projects, which otherwise would likely fall into the hands of foreign consulting firms. -- JP