Mon, 10 Oct 1994

Industries pollute Cisadane river

An official said that factories located along the bank of the Cisadane river in West Java dumped their liquid chemical waste into the river, creating serious water pollution.

Chusfani Kartadikaria, the head of the state-owned Water Company (PDAM) in Tangerang, West Java, told Antara late last week that the pollution had affected the drinking water production in the area.

Chusfani said that PDAM had to use up more spending, between Rp 100 million and Rp 150 million each month, to purify the polluted water of Cisadane.

"We count it as a loss," he said, adding that reports had been sent to other government agencies to impose sanctions on those manufacturers.

Tangerang, a home to hundreds of newly-established factories ranging from garment to paper, is a part of the Greater Jakarta area. (09)