Mon, 17 Oct 1994

Indovision's 5th TV channel

JAKARTA (JP): Indovision, the subscription television service which represents CNN, ESPN, HBO and The Discovery Channel, announced Saturday that it will soon launch the fifth channel, TNT & The Cartoon Network, on its lineup.

Jack Porray, managing director of PT Matahari Lintas Cakrawala (Malicak), a subsidiary of Indovision Group, said here that TNT & The Cartoon Network is available for preview viewing during October, November and early December on transponder 6 Vertical, freq. 3940 Mhz on the Palapa B-2P satellite. It will encrypt, along with the signal of CNN International on Dec. 15.

Indovision is providing subscribers a five-channel package at US$41.25, plus value-added tax (VAT) monthly, with subscriptions paid yearly in advance.

Indovision also announced that home decoders will be available in mid-November.

"These decoders are made for use with existing satellite receivers," Porray said.

He said the Indovision customer service department of Malicak is preparing for a dramatic increase in subscriptions with the addition of the new channel and the announcement of the new decoders.

Indovision, currently serving nearly 5,000 individual homes and over 15,000 hotel rooms, projects to increase service to over 100,000 homes in the next two years.(rid)