Thu, 08 Jul 2010


JAKARTA, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Wednesday reassured investors that the country would boost business environment by exercising good governance and strengthening efforts to combat corruption.

The president made the statement as the global investors are concerned about rampant grafts, poor bureaucracy and infrastructure in Indonesia.

At a joint press conference with his Switzerland counterpart Doris Leuthard after a meeting here, President Yudhoyono said that Indonesia would continue cooperate with other countries and share about the best practice of good governance.

"We will share about how to make all those doing business in Indonesia to follow rules. By doing so, there will be a favorable (business) climate in this country, so that a good governance could be built and the fighting against corruption could be carried out more effectively," said Yudhoyono. "Building good governance and combating corruption are one of our top agendas. (It) will be persistently become our top agenda," he said.

Indonesia has sent scores of officials, from former minister to active central bank governor, to jail on charges of corruption.

"Progress has been achieved, but there is still much more we have to improve," said Yudhoyono.

Indonesia has built massive infrastructure facilities to improve economic efficiency with an aim to achieve at least 7 percent GDP growth in 2014, and an average of 6.6 percent growth annually by the year.