Tue, 31 Oct 2000

Indonesian men, women collect wins at Chess Olympics

JAKARTA (JP): Powered by its two best chess players, Indonesia managed to regain its composure and beat its opponents in the men's event and also scored another victory in the women's event in the 34th Chess Olympics in Istanbul.

In the men's event, Indonesia beat Turkey A team 4-0 while the women beat El Salvador 3-0. The result was an improvement to Saturday's losses in both events.

Grand Master (GM) Utut Adianto beat Adnan Sendur, Turkey's national champion, using the Hindu Bogo defense.

The critical point was reached at the 22nd movement when Utut replaced his white rook with a knight. This caused Utut to lose his quality but at the same time acquired a better position.

Eight moves later, at the 30th movement Sendur shook Utut's hand saying he resigned.

In the second table, GM Ruben Gunawan played bravely with the Trompopsky opening and smacked Emre Karadeniz' defense who surrendered at the 43rd movement.

Meanwhile, GM Edi Handoko beat Selim Gurcau with Italian defense at the 38th movement in the third board.

The fourth player, International Master (MI) Danny Juswanto crushed Umut Atakisi in a bloody match. The violent match left only a knight for each player and three pawns for Denny and two for Atakisi.

Danny promoted his free pawn giving more trouble for Atakisi to defend. Having just seconds left, Atakisi's king bowed to Danny's at the 54th movement after a five-hour match.

"The victory was only natural because both Utut and Edi are our strength. It was a blunder by not having them at the tables on Saturday," team manager Jeffrie Geovannie told The Jakarta Post in a fax transmission.

"We won't change the winning team," he added.

Japan beat Indonesia 2.5-1.5 on the Saturday's match when Utut and Edi were benched.

With Sunday's win, Indonesia collected 5.5 VPs. On Monday, Indonesia faced Mexico which has the same points.

In the women's event, Upi D. Tamim beat Sonia Zepeda at the 42nd movement of the Sicily defense.

Meanwhile, Ai Zakiah dethroned Tahnya Pastor's king at the 60th movement of an exhausting match that ended at 8 p.m. local time.

Earlier, Evie Lindiawati patiently trapped Nayda Avanos' king when a rook checked Avanos' king with the help of her king three squares below. Not to mention her promotion-ready pawn.

With the Sunday victory, the women have achieved 3.5 VPs. Indonesia faced Slovakia on Monday. (nvn)