Wed, 19 Mar 2003

Indonesian language Web script launched

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

A computer expert has launched the first Indonesian language- based computer script, which will make it easier for Indonesians to make computer programs or applications.

The script is named Sony Sugema Script (S3) after its creator, Sony Sugema, who now serves as the chairman of the foundation which owns Bandung's Informatics Technology College (STTIS).

The common script is based in English, but Germans and Japanese have made scripts based on their own language.

"The launch of S3 proves that Indonesian people are equal to other peoples in terms of (computer) programming," the foundation said in a statement on Monday.

The S3 had a default in Indonesian but could be set in Javanese and Sundanese, it said.

The script had a similar function to English-based scripts which the industry had long been familiar with, such as Active Server Page (ASP) and Hypertext Prepossor (PHP), the statement said.

It said S3 was easy to use, because it used Indonesian and directly integrated with the existing technologies such as ActiveX, ADO and ODBC.

It is available free of charge on the following websites: and

It is also an "open source" which means anyone can download the script for free and further develop it themselves.