Tue, 13 Jul 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Indonesia is determined to become the world’s biggest seaweed producer with a production projected at 10 million tons by 2014. According to the Indonesian Seaweed Commission chairman, Farid Ma'ruf, seaweed has the potential to become a select commodity.

One of the advantages is Indonesia’s long coastal line that facilitates seaweed cultivation and the relatively short period of harvest time of 45 days. Moreover, the seaweed industry tends to employ many workers because it is a cottage or home industry.

The Maritime and Fishery Ministry’s director in charge of businesses and investment, Sadullah Muhdi, said that there is an excellent investment opportunity in this business following the many impediments in the palm oil sector.

There are 23 seaweed processing plants in Indonesia. Based on data from the Maritime Ministry, the total production in 2008 reached 2.15 million tons with a total export value of US$ 124.26 million. China is Indonesia’s biggest seaweed export destination.