Sat, 12 Jun 2010


VIVAnews - The growth in computer distribution to Indonesia has increased in a considerable pace.

"Indonesia records the fastest growth in PC market worldwide in the 2010 fiscal year," said Microsoft Office Indonesia Group Head, Bonnie Mamanua, today.

According to Bonnie, quoting data from the IDC, PC distribution in the 2010 fiscal year augmented by 62 percent. Moreover, Indonesia is now listed as the largest consumer notebook market in Asia and Pacific.

Bonnie said, the trend in PC usage in Indonesia targets home users. "Computers are now no longer used only in offices," he said.

Home users in 2009 were at 49 percent while the figure rose in 2010 at 64 percent. Meantime, sales growth in 2010 in small enterprises multiplied by one percent compared to the previous year at 18 percent.

In general, the supply of new PCs to Indonesia in the 2009 fiscal year was 2.5 million units. In 2010, it advanced to 4.17 million units.