Fri, 26 Nov 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Romuald Morawski, the Polish Trade Promotion and Investment Division chief, thinks trade between Indonesia and Poland will grow by 20 percent. However, Poland has been suffering from trade deficits because it trades more often with European countries.

The value of trade between the two countries come to US$ 332 million, Indonesia recorded a US$ 186 million surplus. During the first eight months of this year, the total trade amounted to US$ 250 million.

Romuald admitted that Poland has not been trading much with Asian countries.

Besides improving trade, Poland is also intensifying its exports. Its main export product to Indonesia is cosmetics. The import value of cosmetic products this year was US$ 3,686 million. Meanwhile, during January to August this year, imports were valued at US$ 2,862 million.

In the future, Poland wants to export more meat to Indonesia, especially beef-ribs. “Poland has good quality beef, chicken meat, and milk,” Romuald said.

Ahmad Syafri,, the Trade Ministry’s Export-Import Facilities Director, said Poland actually has problems exporting to Indonesia because of the long trade licensing process which is not cost-effective.

Trade Deputy Minister Mahendra Siregar regards Poland as one of the healthiest countries in the European Union. Additionally, the country will become the president of the European Union next year. Therefore, he said, it is a very important country in the export diversification program.

Meanwhile, Handito Yoewono, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Trade Committee chief, thinks Indonesia has a big chance of increasing exports to Poland in the electronic and spare parts sectors. The Trade Ministry noted the export value for electronic goods, like electrical transformers, amounted to US$ 2,735 million last year.