Thu, 28 Oct 2010

VIVAnews - Indonesia compared to the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is considered the most complicated by the World Bank according to the survey which shows that Indonesia's bureaucracy hits the level of 16.2 compared to those BRIC countries at 13.7.

According to Chief of Economists at PT Bank Mandiri Tbk, Mirza Adhityaswara, the report is attached on the 'Doing Business Report 2010.'

As regards corruption, Indonesia is measured at 16 compared to the average percentage given to the BRIC countries at 11.9.

"Indonesia is better on political stability," said Mirza yesterday, Oct 27. On the other hand, the World Bank rates Indonesia 6 on political levels while the BRIC countries get 6.79.

"This hampers us (business community) in doing business," he said.

He also said that the access to financial industry is still low.

Data from the World Bank proves Indonesia only equals with India when being compared to the BRIC countries.

For instance, Internet users in Indonesia only cover 8.7 percent out of 100 people compared to India at 5.1 percent. Brazil, in this matter, touches 38.7 percent; Russia, 42 percent; and China, 28.5 percent.

As for electricity use, Indonesia only exceeds India at 566 kWh per capita while India is at 542 kWh per capita.

Russia records highest at 6,317 kWh per capita; China, 2,332 kWh per capita; and Brazil, 2,171 kWh per capita.

Indonesia's computer users only reach two percent out of 100 people while India is at 3.2 percent per 100 people.

However, Indonesia is ranked three out of five countries on cell phone usage. Cell phone use in Indonesia is rated 69.2 percent per 100 people.