Thu, 19 Aug 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government has begun preparing the stationing of fiscal officers at its overseas missions to ensure optimum collection of state revenue from taxable subjects or activities in foreign countries, a spokesman said.

Talks on the plan`s implementation are currently taking place between the directorate general of taxes and the foreign affairs ministry with the tentative target of beginning the assignment of fiscal officers abroad in 2011, the government`s top tax official, M Tjiptardjo said here Wednesday.

"We are now also preparing the needed personnel, including their training. We also have established contact with the financial attaches of a number of foreign countries in connection with the plan," he said.

The first countries where Indonesia would station fiscal officers would be those hosting many investors or businessmen from Indonesia such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, said Tjiptardjo who is director general of taxes at the finance ministry.

"I hope we can begin sending our people abroad in 2011," he said.

The fiscal officials abroad would function as part of the local Indonesian embassies or consulates and thus be linked to the directorate general of taxes through the foreign ministry.

About the question of funds required to maintain the fiscal officers at their overseas stations, Tjiptardjo said he was told it was not a problem. "But , of course, we have to be able to optimize state revenue from overseas subjects and activities in the most cost-efficient ways possible," he added.

So far, his office had already selected 15 people for the overseas posts, he said.