Sun, 14 Oct 2001

Indian, Thai-style curries from your own kitchen

Maria Endah Hulupi, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Madras Lamb Curry: A leg of lamb stewed in curry blended from cumin seed and dried chili powder.

To make Madras Lamb Curry, Jakarta Hilton International executive chef Michel Camy uses: 30ml oil, 180g boiled leg of lamb (cubed), 15g chopped onion, 6g chopped garlic, 10g curry powder, 7g cumin powder, 4g coriander powder, 5g dried red chili powder, 5g ground turmeric, 3g ground ginger, 10g sliced banana, 10g sliced pineapple, 10g sliced apple, a glass of water, 100ml coconut milk, salt and pepper.

Garnish: diced tomato, almonds and sultanas.

Condiments: mango and chutney.

1. To make the curry sauce, Camy heats oil in a pan, mixes in the chopped onion and garlic, stirring until fragrant. Then he adds the curry powder, cumin powder, coriander, dried red chili powder, ground turmeric and ginger and cooks it until fragrant. Next, he adds the sliced banana, pineapple and apple, stirring until softened.

2. He then pours in a glass of water and coconut milk, reducing the sauce over a low heat until thickened. He removes the mixture from heat and mixes it in an electric blender until smooth.

3. Camy heats the sauce over a low heat, adds the boiled leg of lamb cubes and cooks for another 15-20 minutes until the meat absorbs the spices.

4. He pours the curry on a serving dish and garnishes it with diced tomato, almonds and sultanas before serving it with briyani rice.

Nam Phrik Gaeng Daeng Gai: Thai-style chicken red curry flavored with sweet basil leaves, wild ginger root and coconut milk.

To make Nam Phrik Gaeng Daeng Gai, Camy uses 180g chicken breast (cubed), 30ml oil, 40g red curry sauce (chopped shallot, chopped garlic, red chili juice, galangal, curry powder, lime leaves, coriander powder, cumin powder), 25g sweet basil leaves, 5g chopped ginger, 100ml coconut milk, salt and pepper, 10g palm sugar, 25g cherry tomatoes (halved), 25g baby eggplant (cubed).

1. To make the sauce, Camy stir-fries the chopped shallots and garlic in hot cooking oil until fragrant. He adds in red chili juice , galangal, curry powder, lime leaves, coriander powder, cumin powder, chopped ginger and cooks the mixture until fragrant.

2. Then he pours in coconut milk and reduces it over a low heat for 20 minutes until thickened before seasoning it with palm sugar, salt and pepper. He blends the mixture in a blender until smooth and transfers the sauce to a cooking pan.

3. To prepare the chicken, he stir-fries the cubed chicken breast with garlic and baby eggplant until cooked thoroughly. He then combines the chicken with the sauce and cooks it for 10 to 15 minutes before adding sweet basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and stirs until well combined. Camy serves the curry with warm steamed rice.