Tue, 23 Aug 1994

In-town spa for women's hair, skin, body treatment opened

JAKARTA (JP): Buoyed by optimism over the increasing demand of Jakartans for body and skin treatment, as well as relaxation therapies among active women, a businessman has opened a first day-spa in the city.

Thalia le spa, located on Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto, Menteng, Central Jakarta, is aimed at meeting the demand of active women who have limited time to home-treat their hair, skin and bodies.

Thalia's managing director Juliana Hermanto told a media discussion on spa and current lifestyle over the weekend that because of their lifestyle and activities, many women do not have adequate time to take care of their bodies and become stressed easily.

"Therefore, here we offer them a treatment not only for their skin and body, but also advice to help them relax and forget the stress," Juliana said, adding that relaxing is the main factor which differs the spa from other beauty parlors or clinics.

She said that Thalia le spa has intentionally chosen a strategic location to facilitate active women who need its services.

"Usually, a spa is located outside a town, therefore to go there people need more than one day. It means that clients have to spend special days to get the treatment, and for active women it is very difficult to do that. If they come here, they just spend only around four hours," Juliana explained.

She said besides relaxing, the spa also offers natural treatment, such as the use of herbs, thallaso therapy and aromatherapy.

"The concept of a spa is back to nature, therefore we use only natural things," said Yoyoh R. Tambera, Thalia's spokeswoman.

To support the concept, Thalia is designed with natural architecture such as the use of land colors for its walls and stones and indoor plants as its decor.

"Music played here is also relaxing, and we even plan to have natural sounds, such as birds' sounds," Yoyoh added.

The spa is opened for members and non-members. As of Thursday, Thalia, which had its soft-opening in July, has signed up around 50 members who pay at least Rp 3 million (US$1,381.85) annually. Prices for non-members' treatment range from Rp 25,000 for aqua treatment for figure therapy to Rp 216,000 for a treatment using Christian Dior's collagen. (als)