Wed, 22 Mar 2000

Importers asked to register at customs

JAKARTA (JP): The directorate general of customs and excise has required all importers to register their companies in a bid to tighten the processing of import documents.

Daeng M. Nazier, the head of the customs and excise office in Tanjung Priok Port, said on Tuesday importers had until the end of April to register.

He said importers who obtained new registration numbers would be eligible to receive a number of facilities in the processing of their import documents.

These importers will, for example, be given a prenotification service which will allow them to process their import documents before their goods arrive at the port.

In addition, the importers will be given a month to pay their import duties, he said.

"This (registration) is important to tighten the processing of import documents," he said after meeting with representatives of the Association of Indonesian Importers.

He said importers which failed to register would be able to continue operating if they possessed identification numbers issued by the Ministry and Trade and taxpayer identification numbers issued by the director general of taxes.

"But these importers will not receive the prenotification service," he said.

Daeng said he hoped the registration drive also would curb illegal imports by companies or individuals who gave authorities false addresses.(07)