Tue, 26 Aug 2003

ICW sues Attorney General's Office

JAKARTA: The Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Attorney General's Office for halting the probe into alleged corruption cases involving Texmaco three years ago.

A lawyer representing ICW, Iskandar Sonhadji, said the decision did not follow proper procedures, so that the investigation into Texmaco president director Marimutu Sinivasan should have continued.

"We want the public to understand. The Attorney General's Office is not allowed to just drop such cases so easily," Iskandar said, referring to a recent decision by the office to stop the investigation into high-profile corruption cases involving former president Soeharto's cronies.

Iskandar said Sinivasan could be indicted on corruption charges as he had misused import loans to pay off other debts and build a new factory.

Later on Bank Indonesia cleared Sinivasan of bank law violations, which prompted the Attorney General's Office to freeze the case.

The office's controversial decision was made during the tenure of Attorney General Marzuki Darusman. -- Antara