Sun, 05 Nov 2000

Hypnotism and crime

It is obvious that of late crime is on the increase, including the use of hypnotism in which the victim is not aware of what is going on. Usually the victim, under the spell of hypnotism, suffers a great loss, as he or she does whatever the perpetrator asks him or her to do (some women are even asked to undress).

What is hypnotism? The technique of hypnotism was invented by Franz Anton Mezmer, a doctor graduated from Vienna, who is also a theologian. He had a great interest in the study of mystery.

In fact, hypnotism is practiced in the treatment of people suffering from mental disturbances. In the beginning, hypnotism was called mesmerism. Dr. Mezmer proposed a theory which is called "theory of animal magnetism" or curative power of magnetic iron. It was believed that inside the human being there is certain liquid that has magnetic power able to cure sick people. By using a piece of iron, held in front of his patient, Mezmer induced the patient to sleep. After applying this sort of therapy a few times, the patient would recover.

In further developments, a Scottish doctor by the name of James Braid called this magnetic technique of mesmerism "hypnotism". Later, Jean Martin Charcot taught hypnotism to Sigmund Freud who afterwards developed the theory of psychoanalysis.

In the beginning hypnotism was used for good intentions, i.e. for treating psychological disease. We are concerned that hypnotism is now used for negative purposes. Some believe that only people of certain personalities can be easily hypnotized.

Being easily hypnotized, however, does not necessarily mean that one's faith is waning. Because according to Mezmer's theory, everybody can hypnotize and be hypnotized. So to avoid being hypnotized, here are some tips to remember. First, Refrain from going out of your house alone as much as possible, especially if your mind is not in good shape. Second, if you are compelled to go out, walk with full optimism, and resoluteness. Third, pray before leaving your house.