Fri, 05 Sep 2003

Hundreds rally against dam project

BANDUNG: More than 400 people from Sumedang regency, West Java, protested at the provincial governor's office in Bandung on Thursday against the government's revived plan to build the Jatigede dam.

The protesters, grouped in the Jatigede People's Communication Forum (FKRJ), were among those to be affected by the project, which was initiated in 1985.

They opposed the plan, saying it would harm their futures and create social problems.

"We suggest that the project be relocated to the Beureumbeungeut area in Cipasang village, Cibugel subdistrict, Sumedang, because the area is less populated and barren," said FKRJ member Asep Suryana.

Moreover, he said the compensation for communal land, where the Jatigede dam was to be built, should have been set at between Rp 30,000 (US$3.50) and Rp 70,000 per square meter in 1985, but land owners received only Rp 6,800 to Rp 8,400 per square meter.

Meanwhile, West Java Governor Danny Setiawan said on Thursday that he would receive five ministers on Friday to discuss the dam project, which would entail the eviction of more than 7,000 families from Jatigede. --JP

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Murdoko to chair Central Java's PDI-P

SEMARANG: Murdoko was elected the new Central Java chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) on Thursday to replace Mardijo.

Murdoko, who has served as the party's provincial deputy treasurer, won 81 votes, defeating rivals Gatot Luprianto and Agus Condro, who got 10 and four votes respectively.

Mardijo was fired by PDI Perjuangan leader President Megawati Soekarnoputri for defying her instructions by contesting the Central Java gubernatorial election on July 24.

In what many saw as an authoritarian move, Megawati tried to block Mardijo's bid by backing the nomination of Mardiyanto, a retired Army general, who was reelected as the governor for a second five-year term.

Murdoko was elected to replace Mardijo as the former was considered an impartial PDI Perjuangan figure among rival factions within the party in Central Java. --JP