Sun, 13 Feb 2000

How I hate you

Oh, how I hate you, You and your coldness, You and your lies, But you have changed me with your harness.

However, I wonder, is it fair to hate you? And is it my fault to doubt? Is it wrong to be so wrong? I hate you for being so conniving.

People call me cynical, But I see them as liars and hypocrites I thought I was wrong. So, I hate you for proving that I am so right.


I'm so tired of living, of lying, of everything.

People are laughing hand in hand; It makes me sad and want to be dead; How could they be like that, Are they really showing what's in their heads?

They are kissing now; I can't stand to see such obscurity of lies and deception; They can't be true, it's only a delusion.

You must learn to love, a friend told me; Yes, it can happen, two people love each other, She added. No, Wait! If it is so, then tell me: Why there are a lot of broken hearts here?

I'm so tired of living, of lying, of everything.

On changing

People change, yes they do. It's part of life, they said. Growing up, growing wild, don't be afraid of changing, it's all right.

Smooth one becomes ruthless; Loving man is full of hatred now; People do change along with their numbers; Don't expect they're gonna be your loving ones forever.

-- By Monik A.