Tue, 09 Mar 1999

Housebreaker shot by ABRI occupant

JAKARTA (JP): A housebreaking criminal was shot in the neck by its occupant, a member of the Armed Forces, on Monday at Balaraja, Tangerang, on the outskirts of Jakarta.

City police spokesman Lt. Col. Zainuri Lubis said the wounded suspect, Wilman, 37, together with six accomplices, broke into the house of First Sgt. Slamet Riyadi in the Sentel Jaya area of Balaraja early Monday morning.

"The seven men are thought to have pried off one of Slamet's house windows to enter the house," Lubis said.

The resident, awakened by the noise, discovered the criminals searching the living room for valuables.

"Slamet fired a warning shot but Wilman tried to snatch the gun and both then wrestled for the piece. The six others managed to flee."

According to Lubis, the shot was an "accident" and could be classified as an act of self-defense.

After the shooting, Slamet rushed Wilman to a nearby clinic before taking him to Tangerang Police station for further questioning.

The only thing missing from the house was a television remote control. (emf)