Tue, 16 Sep 2003

House fails to finish bills

JAKARTA: The House of Representatives is again unlikely to meet its legislation target, having finished only one bill -- on money laundering -- since the current session opened on Aug. 15.

The House had aimed to complete deliberating 31 bills between Aug. 15 and Sept. 26.

Two committees in charge of deliberating bills on industrial dispute resolution and the establishment of 22 new regencies had failed to finish their work on time.

The House Steering Committee (Bamus) had set Sept. 16 as the endorsement day for bills on money laundering, industrial dispute resolution, and the establishment of 22 regencies but only one was finished.

A staff member at the House Secretariat said they had been told by the committees that they could not finish their tasks.

The House also set Sept. 23 for the endorsement of bills on Bank Indonesia, the mechanism of law drafting, and geothermal. With only two weeks to go, it is impossible for the House to deliver its pledge. --JP