Mon, 17 Apr 2000

Hotel accused of stealing tap water

BOGOR (JP): A hotel on Jl. Juanda here has been accused by city-owned tap water company PDAM Bogor of stealing thousands of cubic meters of the firm's water.

PDAM Bogor director Daslim Saibi said on Friday the suspected theft, which cost the company at least Rp 6 million a month, was uncovered by a team examining a possible water leakage in the pipeline installed at the Office of the Bogor Secretary.

"During the work, the team members found a water pipeline which apparently led to the hotel, which is not listed as a PDAM customer," Daslim said.

Further investigation by the team proved that the water used by the hotel matched the composition of the water supplied by PDAM to its customers.

The water at the hotel, for example, contained chlorine, a chemical used by PDAM to purify its water.

Daslim said the hotel has allegedly stolen the company's water since it was renovated two years ago. He did not say what action PDAM would take against the hotel.

The management of the hotel could not be reached for comment. (21/edt)