Sat, 16 Dec 2000

Hospital staff want salary hike

TANGERANG (JP): Hundreds of employees, including paramedics and doctors, of the Honoris International Hospital at Modern Land estate staged a protest on Friday, demanding higher salaries and other allowances.

The peaceful protest starting at 9 a.m. did not hamper the hospital services to the patients.

Protesters' spokesman Iryawan said that the employees wanted a 50% increase in monthly salary and the Rp 150,000 due to them in monthly transportation allowance, which the company had never paid.

"We also want Rp 5,000 in daily meal allowance and menstruation leave for female workers. The annual bonus must be given to the workers in January," Iryawan said.

According to Iryawan, the workers had yet to receive their rights. "Half of the workers in the administration and general departments receive a salary below the regional minimum wage set by the government." The regional minimum wage for Tangerang is Rp 344,257 per month.

An employee of the administration department, Jamaludin, said that they had discussed wages with the management, but nothing had changed.

The protesting employees were finally met by Dr. Willy Chandra, one of shareholders. But the discussion had not ended by Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, management spokesman Dr. Kartono refused to talk to reporters. (41/sur)