Wed, 18 Oct 2000

Honoring children?

It was with complete horror that I read your Travel article titled "Circumcision ritual honors children" on Sunday. My God, how can this torture and mutilation of innocent young girls be classed as anything but a barbaric and primitive ritual that is unnecessary to say the least.

In this modern world of "children's right" and "women's rights" how can you even publish this article with the heading suggesting this ridiculous ritual honors children?

The reverse is true, that the children actually have no choice in this matter at all and are now unable to satisfy their basic human right to enjoy sex, which is in itself a God given right.

What person has the authority except God to steal this right from a young girl with a mutilation of her sexual organs that is irreversible?

It is disappointing to see The Jakarta Post give credit to this outdated practice by putting it on your Travel page, especially to give details as to how to go and see these poor children being degraded and scarred for life -- as if it is a major tourist attraction.

This ritual cannot even be justified as in male circumcision which can arguably be seen as partly hygienic, whereas female circumcision is done to supposedly stop promiscuity.

This is also complete fantasy, as is proven by the enormous problem amongst the teenage youth of this country, many of whom are indulging in both premarital sex and drugs. So how do we stop young people taking drugs, do we mutilate their tongues also?


Legian, Bali