Mon, 10 Apr 2000

Honesty principle ignored

I am writing in response to Mr. Branimir Salevic's letter of March 24, 2000, On Kosovo. He does not seem bothered by intellectual honesty principles. He even seems to believe that by some distortions of historic truths he may gain public support of the world's biggest Muslim country for the benefit of the worst killers of Muslims and destroyers of mosques since the war that their big cousins the Russians lost in Afghanistan.

Let's put the crime in perspective by simply comparing the numbers. Yes, it is a historically proven fact the stupid and criminal war that Milosevic's Serbia started against the other peoples of his own country Yugoslavia has caused about 200,000 deaths, mostly non-Slavics and Muslims.

Mr. Salevic, why, in your obscene account of the deaths, did you forget to mention Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia? Do names like Vukovar, Sarajevo, Foka, Srebrenica speak to you? May I remind you how your pals -- the Serb sharpshooters of the too famous "sniper allee" -- killed or disabled the civilians of Sarajevo, who risked their lives to take water to their children and elderly dying from thirst?


Manado, Worth Sulawesi