Sat, 26 Feb 2000

Home sick at Lippo Karawaci

I bought a house at Taman Brawijaya, Jl. Prapanca 11, Lippo Karawaci. I feel deeply disappointed about the after-sales service of Lippo Karawaci's staff, management and director.

Although during the installment period the interest rate was raised unilaterally and without notification, I continued to pay the installments until the amount was paid off.

In September 1999 I requested that Lippo Karawaci hand me the title deed of the house. I have telephoned, faxed and visited them on numerous occasions. The response was either of the following: the person I needed to speak to was still on the line, out of the office, was in a meeting, etc. Although occasionally I met with members of the staff or management, it did not lead to any concrete results.

When I was about to occupy the house, I found there was no electricity. The state electricity company (PLN) had cut the supply because the bills were not paid. Lippo's estate management office contended it had sent a letter of warning to me, which I never received. But they could have contacted me easily because I had provided them with my address, telephone, fax and cellular phone numbers.

PLN made me pay a Rp 1,378,860 fine and reconnection charge. Rather reluctantly, I was compelled to transfer the amount on Feb. 11, 2000. I faxed the transfer slip to Lippo and confirmed the transfer by phone. Promise after promise yielded no results. They said it was PLN's fault that no action had been taken to reconnect the power quickly.

I am utterly confused. Am I to believe PLN cannot provide better service by reconnecting the supply, or is it Lippo who has shown indifference in my case? Is Lippo only looking for a scapegoat by blaming the PLN?

By the way, Telkom in Tangerang managed to install a telephone connection in my house within 48 hours. My gratitude and appreciation go to Telkom.

I hope this letter will find its way to Mochtar and James Riyadi so they will realize the arrogance of their employees. Their subordinates were too busy to pay attention to me as a buyer of a house in Lippo Karawaci.

My objective is simple. I ask for assistance in repairing the new house that leaks and the faulty electrical installation. I also request the issuance of my title deed. I am not laying any claims on the past guarantees which Lippo's estate manager proclaimed so loudly. It is now a matter of finding a solution to the problems of the house I bought from Lippo Karawaci. The house vacant and it is not livable because it leaks and its electrical system has short-circuited.

I apologize if Lippo's management feels hurt by this letter. But what else could I do if my faxes, telephone calls and visits were cold-shouldered by Lippo's employees?


Tangerang, West Java