Fri, 05 Aug 1994

Hendro assures city's security under control

JAKARTA (JP): Jakarta Military Commander Maj. Gen. A.M. Hendropriyono promises he will curtail the activities of debt collectors soon because they provokes concern among the public.

"Debt collecting agencies will be completely banned and we ask people not to be afraid to report debt collectors to us," he said.

Hendro, as the two-star general is popularly called, said the existence of many debt collectors using intimidation and overt physical coercion in the city was a source of distress not only to debtors but for the community at large.

He urged people, who are being intimidated or terrorized by debt collectors, to contact the Jakarta military command through the Starpage radio call center at numbers 331100, 3902222, 3144000 and 3101188. The call center will relay the messages to the armed mobile units equipped with motorcycles, which are stationed at every military garrison in the greater Jakarta area.

"Don't hesitate to use their services," Hendro said.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday after the inauguration of a 44-meter-long suspension bridge across Cideng river, which connects Jati Pulo subdistrict in West Jakarta and Tanah Abang subdistrict in Central Jakarta, Hendro played down rumors circulating among the public that Jakarta will be rocked by street protests before the commemoration of national Independence Day on Aug. 17.


The general said that he is proud to see the Rp 10 million (US$4,612) bridge which was built and financed by Jati Pulo subdistrict residents grouped in the Mitra Babinsa and Bakor Komwil, the two organizations of a subdistrict responsible for the area's security. The two organizations are under the patronage of a district military command.

"There is nothing to worry about because the city's security is under control," he said yesterday.

Earlier yesterday South Jakarta Military Commander Lt. Col. Priyo Handoko told reporters that the city's security is threatened by rumors that certain people are planning to stage street protests before the Independence Day celebrations.

The Jakarta Military Command has been busy with street demonstrations staged by activists, students and journalists in the past two months following the government's ban of three local magazines.

Responding to questions about the strong indications of another street protest, Hendro said that the command is prepared to anticipate any situation.

"There have often been some strong indications (of protests) but none of them materialized," he said. (mds/03)