Thu, 04 Aug 1994

Help Rwandan people

From Bisnis Indonesia

Almost everyday we read news about the agony of the Rwandan people or see it on television. The prolonged civil war has made these people suffer a great deal. We have been deeply moved seeing thousands of people die in distress and the bodies left untended. This miserable situation has caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee the country to neighboring countries like Burundi and Zaire.

What makes their fate worse is that they are also threatened by the dangers of starvation and contagious disease. Shouldn't we do something about it? As a peace loving nation we should do anything we can to alleviate the suffering of the Rwandan people. Also we should help nations that are inundated with refugees.

We therefore would like to appeal to Bisnis Indonesia to raise funds for the suffering Rwandans. The funds collected can be sent through international bodies like UNICEF and International Red Cross.