Sat, 03 Dec 1994

Healing hands

An acquaintance of mine told me one day that she was dismayed to see her three-year-old son's legs becoming bowlegged, like a cowboy.

Coincidentally, I happen to know a man who has healed many people's broken legs or hands. Even my neighbor, whose doctor told her she had to have her knee operated on, was able to walk again after having it massaged eight times and drinking a special jamu, a black herbal concoction made by the masseur.

It is amazing that such wonderful things can happen, because all the patients, regardless of their injury, get the same treatment and drink the same jamu. The treatment consists of approximately ten minutes massage with the jamu and also drinking some of the jamu. The masseur has been practicing for 20 years with an average of 100 patients per day.

Getting back to the mother of the boy with bowlegs, after two- months of treatment (massage once a week), she phoned me, thanking me in a voice filled with exuberant delight for my introduction to the masseur. She told the masseur is straightening her sons bowlegs and the boy is on the road to recovery.