Mon, 03 Oct 1994

Headmaster's ill behavior

From Surabaya Post

At first I was overwhelmed with pride when my son was accepted into the prestigious SMP Negeri 21 in Surabaya. But the exuberant feeling soon turned sour when I learned that students in this school were gripped by fear because of the headmaster's behavior.

Actually I have reported this case once to the head of East Java Education Ministry office but there has been no change so far.

I would like to let the official as well as the education minister to know that:

1. The school SPP monthly payment which has been scrapped is still compulsory in this school. Lateness in paying this will result in students being sent home.

2. Students who come late in attending Monday morning ceremonies will get a slap on the face but if it is the headmaster who comes late the ceremony has to be repeated again.

3. Classes are often adjourned merely because the headmaster is summoning all teachers to a meeting.

4. The headmaster once remarked during a morning ceremony that the curriculum of religious instruction, Pancasila orientation course, local dialects, sports and especially history are not important and only mathematics, physics, English and biology are. As a result my son has no interest on those `unimportant' subjects.

5. Once the headmaster admonished a teacher in front of the class and as a punishment he asked the teacher to sweep the school yard.

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