Fri, 24 Nov 2000

Headless corpse found on beach

PRAYA, West Nusa Tenggara: Residents of Central Lombok's Kuta beach (Loteng) were shocked earlier this week by a corpse which was found on the south end of the beach and had its head, most of its stomach, right leg, right hand and genitalia missing.

"The finding of the corpse was a big shock for the Kuta beach residents. The local police subprecinct immediately sent officers to remove the corpse from the beach, and they drove it to Praya General Hospital," Loteng Police Subprecinct deputy chief Sr. Insp. Zauhi told Antara.

While police were investigating whether the corpse belonged to a murder or a drowning victim, sources at Praya General Hospital said that the victim was in the water for at least a week, but they too were unable to state the victim's sex due to its decomposed state.

No autopsy has been performed on the corpse as yet, since police are still waiting for relatives or acquaintances of the deceased to claim the corpse. (ylt)