Wed, 25 Sep 2002

Haunted house lures visitors

JAKARTA: An unoccupied house in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, is attracting many curious visitors who want to get spooked following rumors circulating among local residents that the house is haunted.

Many people have come to the house, causing heavy traffic congestion along the road.

People say that the house is haunted as a family of seven was reportedly murdered there by robbers many years ago.

"Those family members are haunting the house and disturb anyone who wants to live there," said Hesti, an employee of a private firm in Central Jakarta who visited the house on Monday night to satisfy her curiosity.

Citing a local's story, Hesti said, the last incident occurred on Sunday night when a fried rice vendor reportedly went missing after he entered the building premises to deliver an order, leaving his cart in front of the building.

However, First Brig. Bambang of the Pondok Indah Police post said that the stories were just rumors.

"There is no evidence at all. But, we have to deploy police officers to regulate traffic as many passing motorists slow down or park their vehicles in the street to visit the house," Bambang said.

Oddly, police have set up a police cordon to prevent visitors from entering the premises.--JP